Who is Simpati Co. and what do we believe in?

Hello there! Let me introduce myself, if I may. My name is Rachel. I am a twenty-something girl with a love of adventure and details. California born and Idaho raised, I made my way back to San Diego a few years back and have been fiercely pursuing what lights me up ever since. 

I come from a long line of artists, engineers and innovators. It is not in my blood or nature to stay complacent and in knowing this, I have sought a career that keeps me inspired and on my toes. Out of this realization has stemmed Simpati Co. Who is Simpati Co. and what do we stand for? We stand for originality, creativity, light and self-expression. Webster dictionary defines Simpatico as "characterized by shared attributes or interests; compatible." When creating Simpati Co., it was very important to me that it was a place where women (and men) can draw inspiration and find unique pieces that define their personality and bring them joy.

Over the years, I've drawn inspiration from places of traveled, people I've met and those that have since passed.